Important nutrition information for you

Underberg is kind to the stomach. Underberg contains less than 1 bread unit per single-portion bottle.

Underberg contains natural antioxidants from the herbs.

Underberg is gluten-free and listed in the directory of the German Coeliac Society.

Underberg is extremely low in histamine. That is because of the expert choice of very high quality herbs, a precisely controlled production method, careful cellar management and the latest filling technology.

Underberg is kosher-approved, as shown by the kosher symbol of the Orthodox Union (O.U.) which has certified the product.

Underberg contains:

  • Underberg Stilglas1.3 percent herbal extract by weight
  • aromatic substances that stimulate digestion
  • natural antioxidants present in the herbs
  • 44 percent by volume premium-quality, kosher alcohol to maintain the effect of the herb extracts
  • well water subjected to regular laboratory controls.


Table of nutritional values

Nährwerttabelle Underberg


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