Our values

"There's nothing that cant't be done better" (Emil Underberg's motto).

A full 20 years ago, Emil and Christiane Underberg first took the initiative of formulating the company’s values and goals in writing – Vision 2001. Guided by the aspiration to put the customer and his needs at the centre of attention at all times.
Underberg - in the service of wellbeing, around the globe.

This orientation towards the future was summarized in the sentence, “There’s nothing that can’t be done better”.

Ten years ago, in Vision 2011, the crucial importance of innovation was emphasized visually as well, with the same sentence.


The company’s vision now rests on three pillars.

  • We are a family business with tradition and foresight.
  • We are long-term brand designers.
  • Our sales organization offers tailor-made services.

Underberg ist a gift of nature. Underberg protects nature.

Underberg schützt die UmweltThe selected aromatic herbs from 43 countries are valuable gifts of nature. Like the fresh well water and premium-quality alcohol.

Sustainable protection of the environment has a long tradition and very high priority in the House of Underberg. For over 40 years the Underberg family has demonstrated its commitment to the environment and supports a number of projects.

The requirement of environmentally sound procedures is one of its binding corporate principles.




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