Data protection

We help to safeguard the privacy of our users. Personal data will only be used in accordance with the following statement on data protection and data security (Privacy Policy).

Data storage

When you access our website our server will temporarily store certain information for reasons of data security. This information (in particular your IP address, the date and time, the pages opened and actions carried out, the website previously accessed, the browser used and the operating system) may make it possible to identify you. No evaluation will be carried out except in an anonymized form for statistical purposes.


This website uses cookies. A cookie is a piece of text that is sent to your web browser and stored on your computer. They make it possible to tell which websites you have visited and which actions you have carried out. If you wish, we can offer you an automatic login for certain services (e.g. the newsletter or VIP lounge). To do that it is necessary to store a cookie permanently on your computer. You can remove such cookies at any time with the aid of your browser, but you then lose the benefit of the automatic login.

Transmission of data via the Internet

Telecommunications secrecy protects the content of your e-mails and your entries on forms against unauthorized access and use. However, we have to point out that this data is transmitted through the Internet without encryption. It is conceivable that the data transmitted may be read by unauthorized persons and even altered or deleted. If you wish to avoid the risk involved in transmission you can send us your ideas, wishes and suggestions by letter to the editorial department stated in the imprint.


If you send us an e-mail you must, in theory, reckon with the possibility that the contents of the e-mail and its attachments may be read, altered or deleted by unauthorized persons. To avoid this risk you have the alternative of sending us a letter by post.



User rights

Upon application you have the right to receive information, free of charge, on the data that has been stored by us concerning your person (BDSG, TKG, §§5,13 TMG and §§ 55 Sec. 2 RStV). Furthermore, you have the right to correction, blocking or deletion of your personal data in accordance with the legal provisions.


Public Index of Procedures of Semper idem Underberg GmbH in accordance with § 4g Sec. 2 Clause 2

In accordance with § 4g BDSG, Semper idem Underberg GmbH, for data protection, must make available the information established in § 4e BDSG to anyone upon application in a suitable way. We are hereby fulfilling this obligation directly and thus dispense with your individual application.

Name or company of the responsible site:
Semper idem Underberg GmbH

Holder, Members of board, managing director:
Ralf Brinkhoff, Hartmut Neumann

Assigned manager of data processing:
Harald Beyer

Address of responsible site:
Hubert-Underberg-Allee 1, 47495 Rheinberg

Earmarking of data collection, data processing or data use:
Handling of data of customers, prospective customers and suppliers for our own purposes.

Concerned person group(s):
Prospective customers, employees, customers, suppliers, principals.

Data or categories of data:
Name, address and contact data; bank connection; personnel and customer number; contract and payment data.

Recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data may be communicated:
1. Internal collaborators being involved in execution and fulfilling of respective information procedures,
2. external contractors (service performer) corresponding to § 11 BDSG,
3. public sites which receive these data because of legal regulations (e.g. social insurance agencies),
4. further external sites, e.g. partners within the framework of the activity ordered by customers.
5. No transmission of data is made to third parties for promotional use.

Regulated time limits for deletion of data:
1. Inventory and remuneration data are deleted upon expiration of the calendar year that follows the determination of the contractual relationship, as long as no legal regulations demand a longer storage or as long as the concerned person has not agreed upon another regulation in writing.
2. Further data are deleted as soon as the given purpose no longer applies and if legal regulations do not demand a longer storage.

Technical - organisational references:
We apply diverse technical and organisational safety measures in order to protect the data administrated by us from casual or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction, or the access of unauthorised persons. Our safety measures are continuously being adapted and improved corresponding to technical developments. Inspection of and access to data which is relevant to data protection are only possible for a few authorised persons. Our rooms and systems are protected at a high technical standard.

Planned data transfer to non-EU countries:
No transmission of individual related data to non-EU countries takes place.

Contact to the Data protection official:
Academy for Data protection and security
Mr. Rolf Forstmann
Langobardenring 24
D-48429 Rheine


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