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Logo Gault MillauGault Millau

The GAULT MILLAU was founded in France in 1969, by the two journalists Henri Gault and Christian Millau.

The first German edition of the GAULT MILLAU Restaurant Guide was published in 1983; it was followed by the "WeinGuide Deutschland" in 1993.


Logo PflanzenvielfaltHerbs from A to Z

The Website "Herbs from A to Z" offers a wealth of information on herbs. We wish you interesting reading on the fascinating World of Herbs.

The Foundation for the International Preservation of Plant Diversity promotes scientific measures directed towards maintining the genetic diversity of the forms and species of wild plants at their natural sites.


Logo Biodyn


Biodyn GmbH develops methods for manufacturing high-quality, easily digestible foods and beverages.

Foods and beverages should not only taste delicious; they should also safeguard and promote health and wellbeing.


Logo IZE


The Institute for Modern Nutrition (IZE) was established in 1979; it aims to promote research in the field of nutrition and the spread of scientifically substantiated information on the subject.




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