Quality assurance and recycling

The choice, aromatic herbs from 43 countries are subjected to a thorough receiving inspection.
Only when this is complete does processing start according to the gentle "SEMPER IDEM" method developed by the Underberg family.

The "Rheinberg Herbal Digestive" is then matured for many months in casks made of Slovenian oak before being filled into the typical single-portion bottles wrapped in straw-coloured paper.


Underberg KapselUnderberg is produced according to a comprehensive quality system:

  • In 5 phases: planning, development, production, delivery and control,
  • Certified by an independent organization (ISO 9001),
  • Supported and developed continuously by personnel training.


Underberg - wellbeing, the safe way

Your personal safety is our prime concern:

  1. The recipe is secret
  2. The Semper Idem guarantee: always the same quality and effect.
  3. Excellent quality of the production process; awarded the kosher mark.
  4. The straw paper encloses the bottle, keeping the neck hygienically clean and protecting it against light.
  5. Cellophane as extra protection for the box.
  6. Permanent trademark protection, preventing imitation worldwide.

Underberg Demonstration


Underberg thanks you for your help!

Please think about recycling. Just put the bottle without any remnants of paper into the bin for coloured glass.

Straw paper, labels and packaging are made according to environmental standards.

Collect the screw tops and send your collection to Underberg. You will be rewarded with unique gifts through the Underberg loyalty campaign "Tops & More". We will dispose of the tops with proper consideration for the environment.

If you have a complaint about Underberg in spite of our efforts, please send the product to us, stating the batch number that is to be found on every Underberg bottle below the EAN code. Of course you will receive a full replacement.


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