Recommending for profit

Underberg HandzeichenWhy Underberg?
It simply does you good. Especially after a good meal.

With Underberg you are recommending the original “Rheinberg Herbal Digestive” in its highly unusual form: in the unique Underberg single-portion bottle wrapped in straw paper. Underberg’s effect results from the potency of choice, aromatic herbs from 43 countries around the world. The valuable contents of the unmistakable Underberg single-portion bottle stimulate the digestive juices and create wellbeing on a purely natural basis.

Offer your guests Underberg: Your chance of extra profit!

Video Recommending for profit

Gastro Greencard

You will find how to recommend and serve Underberg successfully in the Gastro Greencard, in the handy pocket size. As a little helper to download, free of charge.

Underberg Gastro Greencard



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