The Underberg family business

Our values

“Everything can be done better”

Emil Underberg’s dictum

In 1991, more than 25 years ago, Emil and Christiane Underberg took the initiative to write down the values and objectives of the Underberg company. These were finally expressed as Vision 2001. Based on the central aspiration of this vision to always focus on human beings and their needs, its most important statement is: Underberg ― worldwide in the service of well-being.

Vision 2011 and the current version, Vision 2021, both emphasise the company’s primary focus of innovation, the cultivation of quality, and the strive for excellence.

Sustainability is of major importance in today’s vision. The mission to bring nature and culture closer together defines the scope of action for the company. Nature and culture have, from the very first day, been fundamental for the development of our company and our products. The vision defines 3 three `Roots of Sustainability´: ecological, economical, and socio-cultural sustainability, each of which is treated.

This foundation of sustainability serves as the basis for our entrepreneurial activities expressed by these three terms:

Brand – Individual – Customer