The secret Semper idem procedure


Quality assurance

The finest selection of aromatic herbs from 43 countries is subjected to comprehensive receiving inspections. In addition to visual and sensory control, these herbs are tested in certified labs, applying more than 250 individual criteria

After having passed this test, they are treated in accordance with the secret “SEMPER IDEM” procedure developed by the Underberg family. This is followed by several month-long maturation periods in casks made of Slovenian oak. Finally, the Rheinberg herbal digestive is filled into our typical single-portion bottle with its unique straw-coloured paper-wrapper.

Underberg is subject to a comprehensive 5-phase quality assurance system consisting of:

  • quality planning, development, production, delivery, and control
  • Continuously improving implementation of these quality standards by employee training.


Your personal safety is our primary concern:

  1. Strict application of our quality standards on the selection of ingredients and packaging materials, implemented as in-depth inspection.
  2. Semper-idem guarantee: consistent quality.
  3. Premium production quality, e.g. kosher-certified.
  4. Paper wrappers enclose entire bottles keeping bottlenecks hygienically clean and protecting contents from light.
  5. Continuous brand protection in order to prevent confusion with imitators.



Underberg is well-tuned to the needs of our times. This is expressed by careful product management and an encompassing quality assurance system. Maintaining the same high level of quality of Underberg is of utmost importance.

Even to the present day, the exquisite, aromatic herbs from 43 countries are selected and the mixture is finely weighed out personally by my family. This has been one of our most important principles for five generations.

All of our endeavors are guided by the motto: “Worldwide in the service of well-being”.

This is how I guarantee the consistent quality of Underberg.

Dr. rer. nat. Hubertine Underberg-Ruder

Recycling and environmental protection

Sustainability and the protection of the environment have been a long-standing tradition and a great priority within our company. As early as 1970, the Underberg family began to sponsor various environmental protection projects.

Environmentally responsible conduct is one of the company’s binding principles, governing the activities of management and all employees.

Underberg requests your support

After you’ve enjoyed Underberg, please drop the bottle together with the remaining paper wrapper in the appropriate recycling bin.

Straw-coloured paper wrappers, labels, and all other packaging materials have been selected with the environment in mind.

The same applies to all glues, dyes, auxiliary, and cleaning substances used within the manufacturing and shipping procedures.

And of course you’ll want to collect the green caps separately. Check out our loyalty award programme, “Tops & More”, return your bottle tops to us, and collect one of our unique awards. We will of course recycle all bottle tops received.

Not satisfied?

Should you have any complaint, in spite of our efforts, please return the product to Underberg and indicate the lot number printed on each Underberg bottle beneath the EAN code. You will of course receive replacements.

EU Protection of Origin


The Rheinberg herbal digestive

After quite a bit of effort, Underberg finally achieved registration and protection of the geographical term “Rheinberger Kräuter” (Rheinberg herbal digestive), due to the unique quality and effectiveness of Underberg.

Underberg is therefore protected by EU Protection of Origin, as defined and confirmed in September 2008.