Underberg worldwide

Brand ambassadors

We have therefore appointed Underberg brand ambassadors in several countries. These ambassadors represent and support Underberg wherever they go and whatever they do ― while travelling, socialising, or while conducting their business.

Brand ambassador Norway

The Underberg photo challenge: Creativity multiplied by seven hundred

In 2013, Torgeir Fadnes celebrates the birth of his son by setting his mind on a personalized Underberg herbal truck from our list of loyalty awards ― a real stroke of luck! From that moment on, he connects his two hobbies, taking pictures and enjoying Underberg ― always using his rear arm, the one that’s further away from the camera, bent at an angle of 45°. Admirable body tension and posture!
Torgeir calls for competition…..
…everybody takes him up on it! And pictures keep coming in, even after the X-mas-time contest has ended. 700 pictures have by now arrived, often shot at scenic locations, and always featuring the Rheinberg Herbal Digestive. The record-breaking number of people in one picture: 84 ― that’s hard to top!

From Rheinberg, we’d like to congratulate Torgeir Fadnes on his highly original approach by appointing him Underberg ambassador to Norway!

Brand ambassadors Sauerland

For quite a number of years, this group of young Underberg fans from the beautiful Sauerland region has been hanging out together. They are not only united by their enjoyment of fun and each other, but also by their appreciation of Underberg!
So no matter when and where, Underberg is always part of the excitement, as documented by lots of photos, reports and other activities.

THANKS A LOT for your support! To show our appreciation, on October 11, 2019 we appointed these extremely likable guys Underberg ambassadors to the Sauerland region!

Brand ambassador Westerwald

Rudolf Schwaderlapp, chairman of the marksmanship club Ransbach-Baumbacher Schützengesellschaft 1849 e. V., is a well-known Underberg fan, far beyond the borders of the Westerwald region. Neither marksmen’s fairs nor other club events are complete without Underberg. No matter whether it’s the club’s own marksmanship festival or champions’ ball, or whether they’re invited to another club’s event: the Ransbach-Baumbacher Schützengesellschaft’s favorite currency for paying their admission fee is — several boxes of Underberg!
As an avowed Underberg fan, Rudolf Schwaderlapp has turned quite a few of his comrades-in-arms and friends into happy Underberg lovers.

We have therefore decided to honor his achievements by appointing him Underberg ambassador for the Westerwald region!

Brand ambassador Majorca

As a symbol of the close connection between Germany and the popular holiday destination of Majorca, the Majorcan flag was hoisted to fly above the Underberg headquarters in Rheinberg at the occasion of the appointment of the “Interessengemeinschaft Mallorca Pattaya” (association Majorca Pattaya) to act as Underberg brand ambassadors for Majorca.

Dr. Hubertine Underberg-Ruder presented each member of the group with a Tops & More badge of honor, as well as a personalised certificate. The festive ceremony was also attended by members of the Nadal family, who had come all the way from Majorca. This family manufactures the famous Túnel de Mallorca and is responsible for selling and marketing Underberg in Majorca.

The “Interessengemeinschaft Mallorca Pattaya” is the very first Underberg bottle top collectors’ club to be appointed official Underberg ambassadors.

Brand ambassador Canada

Dr. Ermert is the official Underberg brand ambassador for Canada.

“We are extremely happy to have found Dr. Ermert, an enthusiastic and authentic friend of Underberg, to represent our company as brand ambassador in faraway Canada”, said Christiane Underberg. And in fact, the Ermerts, a couple who has lived for about 30 years in unspoiled Yukon Territory in the Northwest of Canada, has been a loyal supporter. “When we go to see our next-door neighbour, who lives approximately three kilometres away, we of course take along a few bottles of Underberg as an after-dinner drink,” Dr Ermert smiles.

Brand ambassador Austria

When the 2011 edition Underberg gift tin was first presented, with its Austria motifs of Vienna, Salzburg, St. Wolfgang, and, the Underberg family invited Austria’s brand ambassador, Eva Maria Marold, to attend the celebration at the Rheinberg headquarters.

The visit from the popular Viennese actress, singer, and cabaret artist was also the kick-off of an entire `Austrian Year´ at Underberg. “We are extremely happy to have found Eva Maria Marold, an enthusiastic and authentic friend of Underberg, to represent our company as brand ambassador,” said Emil Underberg.

Brand ambassador Bergisches Land

Rheinberg, September 2013: a date to remember, not only for dyed-in-the-wool automotive fans. Several Porsche speedsters, decoratively branded with Underberg bottles, were conspicuously parked in the herb garden in front of the Rheinberg headquarters. The reason for this `fleet of honor´ was the festive appointment of Rolf Schönberger, gastronome in Heiligenhaus near Essen and long-term member of the Porsche-Club Rhein-Ruhr, as Underberg brand ambassador for the Bergisches-Land region, by Emil Underberg.

Rolf Schönberger has been a fan of the Rheinberg herbal digestive for many years. The avid collector of bottle tops had been sending thousands of green capsules, and had decorated his restaurant with numerous Tops & More loyalty awards. In March 2013, a very special item was added to his collection: an oversize original Underberg herbal truck. With this very exclusive award, Underberg congratulated Rolf Schönberger on his 50th birthday, and expressed its gratitude for many years of loyal support.

Brand ambassador Sweden

The five members of Swedish heavy-metal band `Amon Amarth´ have been real Underberg fans for a number of years, but now they have finally been appointed Underberg brand ambassadors to Sweden.

As a symbol of their assignment, they were each presented with a Tops & More badge of honor, as well as a personalised certificate. “To us, it comes as a very pleasant surprise that members of a Stockholm heavy-metal band are among our most enthusiastic friends,” said Dr. Hubertine Underberg-Ruder. “And we are all the more happy to have found such popular and dedicated ambassadors.”

Johan Hegg, Olavi Mikkonen, Johan Söderberg, Ted Lundström, and Fredrik Andersson are dyed-in-the-wool fans. They never tour without Underberg, love to drink it on stage, and have been collecting and sending in bottle tops for ages in the Tops & More loyalty campaign.

Brand ambassador South Africa

Underberg as far as the eye can see: labels, bottle tops, decorator boxes, one herbal truck ― in his very own lounge bar in South Africa. Ederick de Wet has collected an incredible range of Underberg paraphernalia. Together with his family, this Underberg fan had travelled from one of the nicest spots on earth to the Rheinberg headquarters, for his official appointment to Underberg ambassador for South Africa by Emil Underberg.

As a symbol of his assignment, he was presented with a Tops & More badge of honor, as well as a personalised certificate. Ederick de Wet is the 9th official Underberg ambassador.

“When I travel, I always carry Underberg in my luggage,” says the newly-appointed Underberg ambassador. He enjoys taking pictures of the unmistakable green bottles at all kinds of scenic spots and posts these pictures on Facebook. Visiting the headquarters in Rheinberg and the appointment ceremony were definite highlights, Ederick de Wet explained. “It is absolutely marvelous to meet people who share my passion for this great drink,” said the South African visitor.

Brand ambassador Eifel

Great rock music, intelligent lyrics with a poetic touch ― this is the formula that’s responsible for the sustained success for more than ten years of indie-rock band “Jupiter Jones”. As all of `the boys´ are enthusiastic fans of Underberg, they had gladly accepted the invitation to come to the Rheinberg headquarters. Emil Underberg seized the occasion to appoint the musicians to Underberg ambassadors in their home region, the Eifel.

As a symbol of their assignment, they were each presented with a Tops & More badge of honor, as well as a personalised certificate.

The “Eifel rockers” do not only appreciate great music, but have for a long time appreciated Underberg. One of their YouTube clips features the band whistling the famous “Colonel Bogey March”, world-famous as the Underberg jingle. In 2012, when the band received an Echo award for their song “Still”, they celebrated the occasion by raising their bottles with the Rheinberg herbal digestive on the red carpet.

Brand ambassador Kansas

After Austria, Canada, Sweden, and Finland, the United States are now also home to an Underberg brand ambassador. Gregory Epp from Kansas is all smiles as Emil Underberg decorates his lapel with exactly the symbol that graces tops of the famous 20-ml-bottle.

How fitting, that seven years ago Epp’s career in the US-American hotel company Lodge Works began with a sip of Underberg.

Epp’s luggage shows just why he deserves his title: it includes 4,500 capsules, which he collected in a nation-wide award campaign and supported by numerous other Underberg fans. In addition to his honorary badge, Emil Underberg presented him with a voucher for a cruise on the Rhine.

Brand ambassador Finland

A whiff of Christmas wafted through the Underberg headquarters in Rheinberg, when Finnish Santa Claus (a.k.a. Timo Alarik Pakkanen) was appointed Underberg brand ambassador.

For the past 50 years, the 67-year old Underberg fan has been making appearances as “Santa Claus”. It all began with Finnish families, but in the early 1990s, after 30 years of local fame, he began to extend his realm by visiting children and adults in Cyprus, in Jordan, Japan, and Singapore. And his activities are by no means limited to the Christmas season. His last mission as Santa Claus took him to Tokyo and to the Miyagi prefecture, the area most affected by the tsunami.

“A passionate Santa Claus as Underberg ambassador ― that’s something very special,” said a very happy Emil Underberg. The Underberg family wanted to expressly recognise Pakkanen’s work for tsunami victims, and in particular, orphans. Emil Underberg therefore presented Mr. Pakkanen with a voucher for his next trip to Japan.


Brand ambassador International Business Club

The International Business Club is actually a group of professionals working in the field of road safety from 8 different countries. They have been getting together for 15 years, and have made it a tradition to toast their official get-togethers all around the world with Underberg. The bottle tops collected during these meetings are handed over to the group’s president, Terje Hansen, who in turn exchanges them for Underberg tall glasses. Each new member of the association is welcomed with a personalised tall glass. The association by now has offices in Sandnes/Norway, Siegen/Germany, Sofia/Bulgaria, Nicosia/Cyprus, Haifa/Israel, Fort Worth/Texas, and Stockholm/Sweden, all of them decorated with an Underberg pennant.

Brand ambassador Japan

Japanese entrepreneur Dan Chiwaki, who runs Osaka’s exclusive leather and gents’ shoe shop “The Lakota House”, has for several years been an enthusiastic and avowed fan of Underberg. On his many business trips he always has a `portion of well-being´ in his pocket and recommends the after-dinner digestive to business partners all over the planet.

In his search for an appropriate Christmas present, his German business associate contacted Underberg and it quickly became clear that the perfect Underberg ambassador to Japan had been found. His appointment at the Rheinberg headquarters by the Underberg family took place in March 2017.