The limited Gift tin 2020

Extreme Since 1846

The Underberg gift tin  has been a collector’s item for Underberg fans since 1986. In 2020 the gift tin will be presented in a completely new design. Based on the repositioning of the brand in conjunction with the revised contemporary packaging design of the folding box, the new edition of this limited gift tin is also expressive and contemporary accentuated.

The iconic Underberg portion bottle is at the centre of the design. Supplemented by the new brand claim «Extreme since 1846» and the self-ironic statement «Mutprobe to Go», the design of the can stylizes the uncompromising promise of quality that has made Underberg an unmistakable and unique bitter herb for over 170 years. Underberg does not compromise on quality, expert processing or gentle extraction of the herbs:

Herbs from 43 countries, high-quality alcohol and water. Nothing else!

The popular and limited gift tin is a further step in the rejuvenation of the brand and will lead younger consumers to the Underberg brand in addition to the collector’s passion of the regular users.