Enjoy in style


How to enjoy Underberg

Underberg is an all-natural digestive and is `unwrapped´ and enjoyed after excellent meals, all over the world. The Rheinberg herbal digestive is a very special after-dinner drink, and is served in more than 100 countries, as a crowning finale to gourmet meals or hearty snacks. Underberg provides the herbal kick after any main course.

Simply pouring it into a glass will activate your senses.

Colour: a brilliant shade of amber.

Fragrance: now sniff ― you’ll be able to discern herbal scents, spices, and a bit of Christmas.

Taste: take a small sip and be aware of the full taste of herbs that begins to unfold with a slightly sweet note, at the tip of your tongue.

Drink and enjoy Underberg, and feel the harmonious, rich herb taste as well as the taste of mild alcohol. Now you can feel the effect of this unique digestive.

Enjoy it in style from our original tall glass

24 cm high, the hand-blown, original, Underberg tall glass towers above all of the other glasses on a festive table.

Our exclusive tall glass was developed by founder Hubert Underberg during the 1867 Paris World Expo in cooperation with glassblowers from Murano, an island near Venice/Italy.

The special shape of the Underberg tall glass is perfectly suited for appreciating the unique bouquet, well-balanced aroma, and the unmistakable character of this digestive.

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Enjoy Underberg on the go

The invention of the single-portion bottle turned Underberg into a perfect travel companion: uncomplicated and convenient wherever you go.

Some aficionados have even turned unwrapping the bottle into a small ritual including twisting the brown paper wrapper into a handle.

Your best travel companion: our Underberg twin tin.

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